Shows performed by MCO (Music Comedy Opera)
About MCO: MCO is a non-profit organization based in Newberg, OR. THE TEST  is the 7th musical to be produced by MCO. All cast and crew are volunteer positions. This is a family-friendly show committed to providing biblical entertainment at its finest.

The Test

     Testing, testing. At this moment we are all taking a test. From the day of our birth to the moment of our death every decision we make will be written down to be examined at its conclusion. Consequences of those decisions will affect our lives forever. Who will pass? Who will fail? Who will need help along the way? 

Inez has lived her entire life on the wild side, and now she is facing death. She needs answers. Enter Chaplain Crisswell who gives her a Bible. Inez reads stories of Job, Job’s wife Hova, 
Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Jesus, and others who had to take “the test.” She also hears the story of Amir, a modern day Job.  

Whenever a new story is presented, she goes into the imagination room, often interacting with the Biblical characters.
In order to pass the test, Inez needs to make a major decision. There are unseen characters that try to influence her in this choice: Uta, her Undercover Terrestrial Angel, and Lou, the devil in disguise. She finally realizes she can’t pass the test without help, and asks for it. In doing so, the direction of her life changes drastically.


     The Philistine world is a dangerous place for Nivia and her sister, Faradi. Raised in a polygamist, male-dominated culture where child brides are common, the two girls live in fear. 
     To make matters worse, their recently widowed alcoholic father has brought home a drinking companion to serve as their stepmother. She, devout to her pagan god, Dagon, is determined to win for herself riches in this life, as well as the security of Paradise in the next by talking the girls’ father into allowing one or both of the girls to become a virgin sacrifice for Dagon. 
     If unsuccessful, her next goal would be to have the girls serve as temple “workers.” The young Philistine sisters meet the Jewish boy, Samson, and their lives change forever.  
     This is their story. Full of intrigue, unrequited love, surprising twists and turns, this story takes a fresh look at this familiar story and tells it with honesty, humor, and ultimately becomes a message of hope. There is music, choreography, comical characters and lots of fun along the way. 

Hadassah (Esther)

     As captives in a foreign land, Hadassah and her people are treated as second-class citizens.  Mordecai, her cousin and adopted father, changes her name in order to conceal her Jewish heritage.
     After the Persian queen, Vashti is banished, King Ahasurerus interviews all the most beautiful girls in the kingdom.  He chooses Esther (Hadassah) as his new queen, unaware that she is Jewish.  Eventually she is able to play an important role in saving her people from the annihilation planned by wicked Haman, the prince who manipulates the king into making a deadly and unchangeable law.   
     Funny, suspenseful, full of fun and energy with songs like “Born to be a Eunuch,” “Riches, Spices and Perfumes”, and  “They Call Me ‘Mr. Wonderful’”, this musical will make you laugh, cry, dream…and remember.  

STONE of Israel 

(Synopsis)     Heard enough of all the dark news coming out of the Middle East these days? Want your children to learn about the beginning of the rich history of Israel in that region?  Here's a change of pace for you: the light-hearted musical tale STONE.  This is the story of Joseph, a young Israeli boy who, though the favorite of his father, is hated and mistreated by his jealous brothers.  Sold as a slave into Egypt, his status worsens as he lands in prison, falsely accused.  But eventually he finds himself in a powerful position of authority over the whole country. Now his brothers have come searching for food during the great famine. Can he forgive them? Or will he finally have his revenge?
This is not a sober tale--not with songs like Pharaoh's "The Skinny, the Fat, The Cow, The Corn," and the Prisoner's rendition of "A Woman is a Woman is a Woman."   With a funny and suspenseful script, brilliant costumes, exciting dances, accomplished singers, all accompanied by a live orchestra, this is an evening of real entertainment for you and your whole family.


     Israel, a young struggling country surrounded by enemies is daily bombarded with enemy attacks.  They cannot even plow their fields without danger of ambush.  Hindered by constantly having to defend themselves, they attempt to go about their work with one hand on the plow, and the other on their weapon.  But then the situation turns desperate when all weapons are confiscated by the enemy Philistines.  Controlled eventually to the point of not even being able to sharpen their own tools, the people protest, insisting on having a king to lead them into battle against their enemies.  The prophet Samuel eventually gives in to their demands, and reveals the name of this divinely chosen king.  So begins the era of the monarchy in Israel. 
     KING is the story of Saul and David, Israel’s first kings.  Historically accurate, entertaining and passionate, this performance will leave you breathless.  With its brilliant costumes, lively dances and surprising story line, KING is entertainment the whole family can enjoy together.  With songs like “He’s a Hero”, and “I Loved a Man”, come prepared to laugh, cry, then laugh some more as you experience the magic of this ancient story.

The Warrior

David, Israel's beloved warrior king fights the necessary battles in order to secure the safety of his nation. He is a hero to young Uriah whose goal is to ultimately become a mighty warrior like David.  
As the years pass, David’s family increases with new wives and concubines until he has his own “City of David” within the walls of Jerusalem. One day David notices Uriah’s beautiful new bride, Bathsheba, and wants to meet her. When Bathsheba ends up pregnant, David tries to fix the problem by sending for Uriah.  
But Uriah, now a warrior in David’s army, refuses to go home to his wife. Instead, he sleeps in the courtyard, believing he is passing a “mighty man” test. David then sends Uriah to the hottest part of the battle to be killed. Eventually, David’s secret sin backfires, causing chaos within his own family.  
Full of fun and sensitively written, this musical comedy is appropriate for the whole family to enjoy together. With a live orchestra, choreographed battles, energetic dancing and music of many different styles, this highly entertaining story of murder, matrimony, and mighty men becomes a story of repentance and restoration. 
The Biblical story can be found in II Samuel 1:1 through I Kings 2:12. 

The Vineyard

A beautiful girl named Israela, is dearly loved by Boss, the owner of the vineyard. She is the one light in a darkened world, and Boss gives her a very specific job ...that of managing the vineyard until he returns to claim the harvest. He gives to her two overseers and many vineyard workers to help her accomplish this task.
There is an enemy, Reprobate, who does everything in his power to prevent Israela from fulfilling her assignment. However, she finds a great helper in the person of Kristina.
Kristina, devoutly in love with Redeemer, has been radically changed by his unmerited love for her. As the son of the Boss, Redeemer came incognito to the Vineyard, and then returned home again. However, he promised to return at harvest and take his bride home with him.
Reprobate manages to convince Israela that he, as her enemy, is on Kristina's side, while making Kristina believe that he represents Israela. However, Kristina and Israela finally compare notes and realize that Reprobate is the enemy of them both and that Boss and Redeemer as Father and Son, are unified. Together they eagerly await the coming of Redeemer and the beginning of a bright new era. The instigation of this new era will be celebrated with a banquet using the wine produced in  the vineyard.
Allegorical to actual historical and prophetic events, this story is found in both the Old and New Testaments of the King James Version of the Bible. We hope you enjoy listening to the old 1611 King's English of 'thee's" and "thou's".